Friday, February 18, 2011

I think its time.

I wrote this a month ago before I decided to start my blog and I believe that it is finally time to post this...and so Ill tell you my thoughts on life...which alot of people talk about...

"laitly Ive been thinking, and I know thats unusual. laugh at me all you want, but what really is our place on this planet? We have generally short lives that usually lead to nothing. no changes, no huge world known obligation to the exspance of space or time. (yes I know, sue me) we truly are useless. Maybe this is because Ive never actually believed in god, maybe because I cant comit myself to the belief in anything, spiritual or otherwise. Perhaps I think this way because of my difficult childhood, Im not sure, Im not even sur if Psycologists would even understand....the only thing I do know Is that there is a distinct diference in these two emotions. love, and lust...(I know what my parents are going to say about this...) They are NOT the same. otherwise I'd be lustfull tward some of my family members....and thats just plain ICK facter of 300. (and elisa says: "says you" my reaction is "ewww...") With love, It exists in the enjoyment of ones company, knowing that as long as that person Is alive you'll do your best to keep them happy, and that you want them around. love of corse can be broken. It can be reversed, while lust usually never goes away...Ill admit that they go hand in hand, love and lust, and that when your in love with someone you usually want to have more then just mental contact....(laughs) but that just my thought. Ive met meny people who Ive felt love twards, some have taught me how to smile, a few have shown my what a true family should be like, and one has taught me how to be patient. without him I might not be sane right now. or I might be running away at every chance I get. with alot for these people I never wanted to be near them. I was even scared of some of them.  and still am. that is how my theory came about. Another thing I would like to mention is "not being old enough to love someone" I dont think there is an age limit to these kind of things. Otherwise kids would never love their parents, or their "blanky" or their ever little they may have.... I wouldnt have my 'winnie the pooh' blanket If I didnt love it. ( I know I'm not a little kid...I shouldn't still sleep with it....but I do...I cant help it!) so yes. love is just that. and lust is just that. DONT GET THEM CONFUSED!"

I know.. that was probably just a score of rambling on my part but at the time I was annoied. and thought that I might as well let everyone know how I felt on that subject. sadly that I all I have to rant about but I do have some daily things to tell you about.

I stayed home today because of acid reflex..I still don't feel well but hopefully Ill feel well enough to draw the next page of 'DEMON DOLL' which is a side story to ambers and my manga 'AliVicky' which isnt the name... but Im sure we'll find a name for it soon.

I love you all and hope you have a good nights rest.


  1. I risk giving away my identity for this but: I agree with your argument on love/lust. In fact, a good question to consider in a relationship is :"is it love or lust?" the answer can completely change the way you feel about the other person. and a fun fact: we are alive only because of imperfection. Though we serve no purpose, it is a trivial thing to waste away our lives at the cost of love or depression to say: a knife, gun or rope. Thank you.

  2. I can be easy to presume that we are useless beings when held up against the vastness of the universe. The lack of faith in spiritual things can make it all seem that much more pointless. Why are we here? We live, we die, big deal. What's the point of it all?

    I will tell you this much. We are anything but useless. Try to delete any one person who has been important in your life and consider the impact the loss of just one person creates. All the lives they have touched, for better or worse.

    As I live my life, I increasingly notice the hand of... fate? god? aliens? in my life. (I'm kidding, of course. Well, maybe not about the aliens, but I hope you take my meaning.) I see the influence my life has had. The choices I alone have made, the friends I have had. How I've affected their life and how they have affected mine. Each life becomes quite important when looked at in such a way. You, for example, are so dear to me. And I can't imagine my life without you in it. I love you, Pixieface!

  3. And speaking of love...

    My dear, whatever made you think I would consider love and lust the same thing? Of course they aren't. The problem is we use "love" for so many different things in the english language. There are actually four commonly accepted types of love in the greek language: Eros, Philos, Agape and Storge. In essence, eros love is "physical", philos love is "mental", and agape love is "spiritual". Thus, it is made up of the three fundamental elements of man: physical, mental and spiritual. I've borrowed from the internet for more in-depth explanations. It's a bit long, but I think it's worth reading...

  4. thank you. sir"link" I think we've gone over this meny times befor. ;) I know what you mean Jokyr this is acctually not about what you've said befor.. Its about somthing LOT of people have talked about. love you two!