Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Morning Rush

My first post ended sadly. and so I should tell you a bit about myself. Ive four older siblings and four younger siblings. four of which are step, two are half. Im aiming for a masters in frensics, and chemistry. my favorite colors are blue, green and black. my parents got devorced when I was 14, and my mother is schizophrenic. my step mom has fibro, but she still works hard. Im not a huge fan of much TV or Electronics. but I love cars. I've four major habits that can be annoing to most people.
1.I drink Mountain Dew like a drug.
2.I dissagree with almost everything and anything that people try to force on me, wheather it be openly or delibrately.
3.I tend not to give a "patooty" what others think of me. Which leads to alot of enemies for me.
4.I can be rude, dissrespectful, lazy, ignorant, childish, and a strait up bad person. so kill me bury me 6 feet under and then kick my grave stone. but thats who I am respect me and I'll do my best for you.

As a few of you know. Last night was the first night I slept in my "bedroom". Conceitedly my lovely family sat down to a scary movie. for those of you who know me you know my attitude to frights and monsters under the bed. I have a farely bad reaction.... and so I spent a good 3/4 of last night waking up to every noise. Fun, excluding the wall-less exspance that is the area I sleep in...

and now I have run low on things to rant about. and so good day and I hope you all do well.


  1. Love you, hun... Sorry we kept you up all night jumping at shadows.

  2. See my dear, I too have a blog...if you look I have been doing mine for some time now....heheheheeh, I love you hun, Hope you know that and have FUN blogging, I know I do when I can.

    Love ya,